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When there is less supply than there is demand, situations and their value escalate. On what basis is the value of entities (multiple entities form situation) formed? On the basis of extrinsic and intrinsic factors. These factors can be listed here. The factors are: weight, nature of presence, nature of absence, gender and gist. If we expand each factor here it will take up some space. Let’s do that.

We are talking about demand and its elasticity. The factors that define why demand stretches and contracts can be taken up one by one. Weight: this doesn’t just describe how heavy or how important something is, it also indicates how much displacement (air or water) value it has. Nature of presence: what is the difference in how something is felt or experienced. Nature of absence: what is the difference in how something’s absence is felt. Gender: this factor describes how something is related to — which social values are extended to it and which not. Gist: how can something be summarised or how can its meaning be elucidated.

The more the supply of something the less the value of its demand. This is the situation with all commodities and their valuation. Why is this so? This is so because things are valued on the basis of how much of it is there in the world of materials and presences. We started looking at the reverse of this situation at the beginning of this text. Now we are looking at the value of demand when the supply is more. Supply and demand is measured in terms of the value it attracts. Some materials such as waste attract value for taking it away. But that is rare.

Supply can also be that which is present in a limited amount. It is this limited supply that is referred to here. At times, the supply concept can be wanting when the it is cited. And at times it can be thoroughly rich. The concept is multicoloured and multidimensional. The concept goes round and round and is recycled time and again.

Supply is limited when time is gasping. But time is not always gasping. There are times when it is shrugging. Reluctant, queer and splendid. Why queer? Moments are accelerated so that they are slipshod. Supply is source sometimes and source is supply times. These words intermingle and it is alright if they do. Words intermingling is the same as relationships intermingling. My wife is your wife? No. Your wife is my wife? No.

Fond memories are not always fond. Sometimes they are risky. Sometimes they are ludicrous. And they are born still. These transactions are all finally shortchanged. There is breath and there is short breath and there is deep breath. And each has its meaning, position and style.

If not then what does it all add up to? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. In the swagger of our moods, we let things pass. But we should not let. Because in the swagger of our moods our words can become monuments…

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