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How do we eventually find or realise fulfilment? We and our wandering selves are constantly in search for closure but we did not get it. Parts of our minds remain behind wherever we go. How do we avoid this?
We can duplicate our body to be able to make experience a two part narrative. One part creates explosions and the second part cleans the debris. The cleaning part’s rather a careful process. One has to know what is waste and what is just caked up with explosion debris. If one makes the wrong decision, a very delicious part of the experience is denied consumption. The decision is wrong to begin with because it doesn’t allow the core to be consumed. When the decision is right, and the core is consumed there are no more confusion. Confusion between the value of the core of the decision and the taste of it. Often the taste is the value. They cannot be differentiated. So fulfilment is often about having the confidence to chew on the decision — the event that it represents. To dwell on, chew on the decision and the event that it represents one needs to be entirely present. In the depth of experience resides the urge to bite. Biting involves the entire being to be focussed in the mouth — on the tips of the teeth. The very jagged end of the teeth. These have an evolutionary purpose of tearing into materials. Materials like the outside skin of fruit. Not animal skin, just fruit skin.

Tearing into what and when is a controversial topic. To prove that animals are not the natural food of humans, vegans say that our teeth cannot tear into animal skin at all. Whereas the other side uses precisely the same argument to make the opposite case. Which case is true? In such cases the isolation of truth is almost impossible.

Because once we establish something as natural, it gets established as infallible. It is not yet true. But it is infallible. Nature is still cruel, how can it be true?

In the case discussed above — humans can most certainly be cruel. They do not even have to try hard. But they can also be kind. Even that need not be proved. It is matter of plain speak. The being ‘natural’ is a problem. Of all natural beings, even the ones closest to nature need a reason to lose hope completely. To subscribe to anger fully and to be an utter nihilist, some amount of hope is necessary. To give it up fully, means to have no adherence to scale, to limits, to logical finitude, means to fully be free of layers of cruelty. And this the truly the only way of living. A life in which we are not a risk to anyone else… Like we are to our siblings and friends.

Humans are free to live any way they choose. At least they think so. From reverie to reverie. From waking day to waking day. The contents of our reveries is not free to fix. But other things are.

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