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We have been forced to step in. Our internal narrative is now becoming a significant factor in determining if we are going to be allowed to dream. To earn back our right to dream, we have to display a degree of control. But even better, we have to let all control slip away and pretend to be an automaton.

Automatons are machines built to perform a certain sequences of action. If not automatons, we need to be self-driven puppets who have lost the plot but still know how to follow the thread.

Our mechanism might not be able to perform the function it was designed to perform, but we still have our faculties. Our faculties developed via the internal narrative that now lies exposed.

We realise that there is a problem even in using our faculties, because they are a fruit from a poisoned tree. Is fruit from a poisoned tree always poisonous?

Fruit from a poisoned tree is always poisoned, but we have a capacity to deal with vacuum. We can deal with an empty landscape, as long as we have a way of arriving at a solution through a few rounds of trial and error. Trial and error is recognised as a valid narrative mechanism when it is the only workable method left.

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